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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2020 12:00am-12:31am CET

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trunk. this is news live from berlin germany lawmakers approved and i'm president of relief package to shield the country's economy from the coronavirus pandemic the legislation is aimed at supporting health care and propping up businesses it's also a paradigm shift for germany rolling back his tory christians on taking new debts also coming up sick patients packed hospital hallways and the trips and springs
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outbreak force needs the country now has more deaths than china and in the capital so many people are dying that officials have been forced to use an ice cream as a more. times in the u.s. the number of cases raises up for health care workers on the front lines are facing critical shortages of protective gear is the trunk administration doing enough to deliver aid to those who needed loans. i mean a phenomenon well come on wednesday the bones talk approved a sweeping rescue package to kushan economic blow from coronavirus it's designed to support health care infrastructure and rushed billions of euros in may to businesses that are struggling and in a historic move lawmakers voted to scrap rules limiting how much money the country can borrow. our parliament in crisis mode the bundestag has changed its rules to
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allow decisions to be taken with fewer members present the normal those who were there sat at a safe distance from each other the. parliamentary president volved. called on deputies to show support for the key workers who are helping to keep the country going to try and get. out soon and we express thanks in respect to the doctor's care workers and those in the health and security or thirty's who are being tested to their limits every day. if you. think we all agree we should include in our thanks to those who day after day and in spite of the greater risk of infection they face ensure that people have the supplies they need. in just one day to bluestar because greenlighted government plans to take on more debt this year than ever before the crisis package includes an emergency budget of 156000000000 euros 50000000000 to keep small
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businesses of bloat and money for hospitals expecting a wave of coronavirus patients. finance minister all our short standing in for chancellor merkel is at home insult by selection of knowledge these a gigantic some it's but he said the country can afford it germany's strict rules on government borrowing are suspended for now we're leaving that we're facing a crisis unprecedented in our post-war history is this war greater than all those we have faced recently it leapt up and it's a challenge to humankind as a whole. for the gunson mentioned. there's no script for dealing with the pandemic said childs but the government will do everything to reduce its impact on the economy it is built on. the most in essence and 1st we have to ensure that there's a good health care provision for people who are sick from the coronavirus and ensure those treating them are protected by 2nd we must protect the livelihoods of
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people affected by the crisis thirdly we must stabilize our economy and preserve jobs of it spits out hope despite the unparalleled measures when it came to the vote opposition parties rallied behind the government's plan but no one inside the bundestag or elsewhere can yet be sure if it will work. as we've just heard german opposition lawmakers are largely on board with this really stand but there is criticism anyway spoke so you're going to teen a member of germany's a position green party and he said germany should do more to help the other european union countries that have been hit harder by the pandemic we do not understand the green party for example that the german government is still blocking initiative supported by a lot of economists for creating saw called corona bonds for european union we must take care also on our european neighbors they're hit very severely
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like spain and italy you know it's not only a question how to deal with the health care in this countries it's also a question that these countries who still suffer from the economic crisis from 2008 will go into a new and much more severe crisis and therefore we need these european karuna bonds . new figures compiled by johns hopkins university show a sharp jump in deaths from the corona virus in germany 206 people are now known to have died and jump of almost 30 percent on the previous day so far germany's mortality rate has been 0 but medical experts warn the country's outbreak is still at an early states spain has seen another search and its death toll from the pandemic was wasn't 3400 covert 900 s. spain is now 2nd only to italy worldwide spain's deputy prime minister has also tested positive for the virus hospitals in the country are struggling to cope
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madrid's to better or sure hospital is overwhelmed patients filling the hallways struggling to breathe waiting for the privilege of oxygen. for many here the shortage of ventilators and medical staff could prove to be deadly for a shocking number that already has spain's death toll from cope with 1000 has now surpassed china's. but it could only by don't want to get involved in politics because that's not the time when i hear on t.v. that there are sufficient let areal and then my colleagues this morning complain that there is not sufficient material i can't believe it when the government's crisis committee comes out to say we have everything it's not sure what it is it could issues for 7. years. so many have died this week at madrid's morgues are also overwhelmed this ice skating rink will take in the overflow
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keeping bodies out of the sun as the country prays for a reprieve. other provisional facilities are popping up around spain and barcelona the military has a record a temporary homeless shelter where up to a 1000 homeless people will be able to isolate and hygenic conditions. struggling to cope the government will extend the state of emergency until mid april. police are tightening controls to enforce the countrywide lock down. anyone without a permit to be out will be fine police say they've handed out over $80000.00 fines since the rule went into effect 10 days ago. many spaniards welcome the strict control on movement. people are not respecting confined and measures people are irresponsible a lot of us have to go to work this is the 2nd control of pasta and i think it's
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great. with over 400000000 euros of medical equipment on order from china spain is looking to see if its efforts will start to stifle the spread of the virus. now here's some more of the latest developments in the corona virus pandemic the global death toll from covert $1000.00 related illnesses has now passed 20 sols and 3 months after the outbreak began costco's government has collapsed over its response to the been pandemic the prime minister lost a no confidence votes just 7 weeks after taking power and france is pulling its military out of iraq and suspending its anti-terrorism training mission there as french forces are cold to fight the coronavirus at home front says almost $26000.00 confirmed cases turkey's president says he believes his country will slow the rate of transmissions within $2.00 to $3.00 weeks edwin said quote we have preparations
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for every scenario u.s. lawmakers have agreed to the biggest stimulus package in the nation's history to question the blow from coronavirus the legislation would provide 2 trillion dollars in funds to help stabilize businesses and households that have been hit by the outbreak the relief comes as cases of the infection continue to soar many health care workers say they don't have the supplies they need. a long line of drivers all waiting to be tested for the corona virus this is florida but the cues are getting longer right across america. the number of confirmed infections is gathering pace along with the number of those known to have died from the virus as the scale of the outbreak becomes increasingly clear doctors are worried about their own safety and a part time we. dared to come to walk by being scared we are trained in the modern and we're committed to doing mad doc to say hospitals nationwide are
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overwhelmed and there's not enough protective gear there are people that literally are wearing bandanas because they have nothing better to protect themselves from the respiratory droplets of patients who are in nigeria and i think that the national shame the u.s. president donald trump downplayed the dangers of a pandemic for weeks before changing his tone but he has criticized the shutdown's advocated by infectious disease experts to bring the outbreak under control for not going to let the cure of the worse than the problem. at the end of the 15 day period will make a decision as to which way we want to go where we want to go the timing and essentially we're referring to the timing of the opening of the century the opening of our country this was a medical problem we're not going to let it turn into a long lasting financial problem an increasing number of states have closed down
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nonessential businesses heating on as hard this restaurant is trying to keep going by serving takeaways but i own a young mint owns 2 of eateries and pays $12000.00 a month just in rent. he's had to lay off most of his 25 stone off. this just taking it all as our surprise and also off our feet we. i don't know how to deal with this. every day is a new challenge for us is very challenging. for the most part it's very terrible. we will get through this is the message from one bar owner in california people who have lost their jobs can get a free meal here. a small team does the cooking. are you scared. it is struggling to make sense of what's happening here in hollywood he has to pay rent of a $1000.00 a day. i'm concerned. all we can
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do is hope so help each other and hope for help from washington. and i was in some of the other coronavirus stories making news around the world prince charles the heir to the register own has tested positive for covert 1971 year old is showing mild symptoms and isolating at a royal state and scotland his wife camilla has tested negative. some supermarkets have been reopening in rouhani has announced founds to lift the lockdown on the chinese city the corona virus outbreak is believed to have originated there chinese state television has shown images of busy stores and queues of people having their health checked on their way in. new figures show sales of toilet paper in germany have more than tripled since the start of the coronavirus crisis some supermarket staff than limiting the number of rolls customers customers can buy in recent weeks after panic buying cleared shelves the german statistic agency also says so persons
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us after a drop old and rice sales are up 200 percent. 18 and it's making personal protection equipment products makes it making face musts can make us a retooling to make raising ventilators and a small but very and a seller has also joined the ranks of those taking up the battle against the coronavirus. an 80 percent alcohol solution puts paid to any virus that's why it's no longer fortifying the spirits of the pending a distillery in bavaria being used as disinfectant instead of this infant son's middle we aren't allowed to make disinfectant ourselves because we aren't licensed as a pharmaceutical drug maker but we get lots of inquiries from clinics pharmacies and doctors who want to use our alcohol to make disinfectant we're happy to give it to them as long as we have it in stock or go for it and come with us mom. disinfectant is one of several products that have seen demand soar since the coronavirus
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pandemic took hold germany statistics office says sales have risen 750 percent since the beginning of march major distillers such as yeager meister and pernod ricard are also making their alcohol stocks available. unusual times call for unusual solutions and when this crisis is over we can perhaps raise a glass to those who had to make them happen. in tennis england's wimbledon championships tournament this year is scheduled to start on june 29th could become the next sporting event postponed or even canceled due to coronavirus pandemic the all indian lawn tennis club host the 2 weeks tournaments and the venue says public health is of utmost importance as the cause of 1000 crisis continues to affect society decision on women's futures expected to come next week touring in emergency or meeting the french open that was due to start in may had already been
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pushed back to september due to the a corona virus outbreak in france. news i merely for how much time more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock on our website. thanks for joining w. combating the corona pandemic. where does research stand. what are scientists learning. background information and news. our daily corona updates. from the 19 special next on d.w.
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. how does a virus spread. why do we panic and when will. we just threw the topics and we could read your show is called spectrum if you would like any information on the coronavirus or any other science topic you should really check out our podcast you can get it wherever you go your podcast you can also find us at. science. this is the w.'s covert 900 special from berlin after originating in asia reaching europe and northern america coded 19 is now quickly spreading across the african continent over the weekend the number craddick republic of congo registered its 1st death from the virus now the country has closed its borders and declared
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a state of emergency president felix. says the country as out war within. visible adversary public life has been suspended and the country has gone into lockdown closing bars and restaurants and now most flights to and from kinshasa are bad and in this covert $900.00 special we're looking at how african countries are preparing for the upcoming challenge on their already vulnerable health care systems. i'm john thanks for joining us corona virus is sweeping across africa but the true number of cases is unknown as mass testing has not yet been rolled out here's some of the latest information we have for you the number of confirmed cases in africa shot past the 2000 mark on wednesday now the majority of the continent's 54 countries have registered infections ivory coast and senegal have both declared states of emergency and south africa will begin
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a lockdown starting on thursday joining us from abroad seville in the republic of congo is michel yeah he's the program manager for emergency response at the world health organization in africa also here is birds he's a professor and immunologists reading university welcome to you both michelle i'll start with you what sort of advisory has the w h o given africa if any. the advisory in fact he went through different steps the 1st step is for iran the containment face is. to prevent local transmission on as much as possible so this helps to detect day. cases now that we have a serious inc a local transmission on it we have it in more than 15 countries in africa now the
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next step is how to scale up quickly to be able to contain the. situation and also to start preparing for me to guess on face and make you guess something is equivalent to a wide community spread that con is a layer of ice trash they had to have this is like what we are seeing now in the european countries now they are all the jets are also predicting that african countries fell experienced their peak number of infections this summer now how prepared would you say the continent is he spoke of upscaling the capacities michel . i would say that's the 1st step culture respect from quite well by detecting they sporadic cases that's where important to not freak out but 5 a nest is where we need to mobilize maw and we need more at fault we need more
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support in most of the african countries because it is a step that they will have to deal with and out of people needing intensive have in their system in many alfie kohn and for fossett it is you don't have such capacity so they need to think about how to scale up with from temporary treatment such as how to get assessed or are suggesting provide also rescued out 30 mice in how to got access to protective equipment so at this level countries are less prepared because they are locking the ressources most of them have them for up a preparedness and response plan but the supply side and for example is one of the major talent to fulfill the spot that is utterly gente because we are moving to are they wide contamination in many countries already now michelle spoke there of the
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white contamination do you alice see the crisis in africa reaching a similar level to what we're seeing here in europe how would that look like. i think i think that you know that's what we've you know i've been thinking about exactly that since way back you know when we were hearing about the outbreak 1st of all in will han in china i think one positive is i think the much work has gone on to try and expand for example diagnostic testing services across africa and we've learned a great deal from programs to tackle big infection has such as hiv and malaria so for example simple rapid testing technology is now relatively quick and appropriate to drawl out so we have these sorts of tests here which can be done without in the burra tree they're not perfect but they're very easy to scale out
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what i'm hoping is that what we've learnt from those kinds of activities those kinds of public health activities will help to deal with early identification and early containment in these states but it is a huge problem given that we can't contain outbreaks very effectively in europe i think will be the same in any other country across the world now testing of course an important part of the response to the current virus michel would you say that people are taking the gravity of the situation they are in africa seriously. i think most of the. national party it is taking it seriously if we look at all the states off and then tennessee declare is on that we will start to recall in many african countries that up taking in serious you nest step is really for they hold population on and i am not sure that they have. this level of
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it when this as well as. taking it seriously in most of the african communities there is a lot of room us going to run including men's fault for treats men so there is a walk to be done and from what we learn from a born out it is that when it does need to be fully on board and for that they need to have the appropriate information to increase awareness that they need to be fully engaged for them to play era if we have a community wide transmission is the community behavior that to mean in part on the way they desist will spread fast within this community and i think learning from europe is time now to take some of the measures probably cuff measures we for food and gauge went off the community to listen or down the spread and objective is to flatten they and they've gone to
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a big that's we'll. take control we've they exist in capacities thank you very much michele yeah he's the program manager for emergency response at the world health organization and africa also here is al edwards he is a professor and immunologists at reading university thank you both. now around the world celebrities have inundated us with their song and dance numbers often from home and with mixed reception but ugandan musician turned politician bobby wine has seen his own take widely shared it's a music video reminding everyone about how to purge the spread of the coronavirus wash your hands and keep your distance have a listen. right
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. there but we're now joined by our correspondent joy during beer out she's standing by for us in nairobi kenya joy we just listened to bobby winds up rap slash public service message there for us what sort of a role do pop culture and social media have in getting the word out. a lot actually because when you look at the african demographics at the moment big population happen to fall between the ages of 35 going down and this major
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concern is for most people right now are focusing or making sure that the young people get the message because the older generation at the moment does not have access to technology on a large scale and they are or happen to be the most vulnerable demographic when it comes to the spread of the coronavirus or covered 19 so social media and pop culture is playing a humongous role in spreading the message to last of the young people on the african continent and in kenya and uganda as well particularly so young people acting as multipliers of the message there now that message itself it seems quite simple wash your hands stay home but neither of those things are easy for everyone . indeed access to water is not readily available to millions of people around the african continent and that in itself is
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a challenge especially in the informal settlements in a lot of areas the rural parts of africa say in kenya but today what the government is trying to do is ask the water supply has to be a little bit and weave their customers not up their bills and also and do not switch off there was a connections in a bid to help people flatten the cove of the coronavirus spread that water will be readily available to the people and that even though they might be having a rear is this still going to be able to wash their hands and maybe take care of that problem at a later date and also the government has tried as much as possible to go to areas where there's not enough access to alter to. them and also provide water when necessary thank you very much our correspondent
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a joy there for us in nairobi. and that was our d.w. covert 19 special on africa thank you for watching and will that bobby wine play us out for more tech out our social media channels and to now the malone stay healthy everyone. all right that. guy over. there got every guy name out there i'm going to. back out at him on the. climate change. sustainability. environmental projects. give globalization affairs biodiversity species conservation exploitation quality. human rights displacement poll showing the global and current local action.
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